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Our Philosophy in a Nutshell


  • We are nuts about Cashew Nuts:

Our premium cashew nuts are sourced from Vietnam, one of the world’s leading producers of cashew nuts. The Vietnamese cashew nuts are creamier, richer and significantly more flavorful than those made in other countries. By setting foot in Vietnam on our own, we handpick only the best and the highest ranked cashew nuts from the local farmers, ensuring quality assurance and safety of our products.  


  • We are nuts about Health:

Nuts are known to contain about 60% heart-healthy unsaturated fat. These monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are called “good” fats because they help lower bad cholesterol levels. In addition, the fresh, healthy fats in nuts detox our blood, cleanse our skin, decrease excess body weight, and make us look and feel our best!   


  • We are nuts about Safety:

We avoid using chemically engineered food additives and artificial food coloring in our products. In addition to vitamins C and E, we use emulsifiers and preservatives made with soy lecithin, a safe food additive. We do not use refined sugar in our products since it reduces our internal body temperature and is associated with serious health issues. Instead, we use beet sugar, a great source of fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C. Beet sugar is known to have many health benefits, including improved blood circulation and gastrointestinal environment, helping us perform at our best.


  • We are nuts about Texture.

Our cashew nuts are coated with “kanbai” flour made from cooked glutinous rice. We roast these flour-coated cashew nuts directly on the stove until their surfaces turn golden brown. This extra care is what makes our cashew nuts nice and crispy. We use our hands to add different flavors to these golden crisp cashew nuts. To ensure that flavors are evenly distributed, we check them carefully with our own eyes. We believe that traditional techniques are still the best-in-class craftsmanship that no technology can ever surpass. 


  • We are nuts about YOU:

From purchasing, processing, packaging, shipping to selling our products, every step is infused with love. Our customers’ voices are messages sent from above that we take very seriously. Their ideas are not just heard, but they are actually incorporated into our new product development. For example, our best-selling “premium mixed nuts” and “soy sauce flavored cashews” were created based on customer feedback. 


Once every year, we hold a “Mamezin General Election” where our customers are asked to vote for one of their favorite new products that they want to see on our regular product list. For us, seeing our customers smile the moment they taste our nuts is the greatest compliment that needs no interpretation!

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